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Latest Update - 2nd January 2024

Our plans for the next 12 months is to resume our studio productions but we will see how we go.

We have been very successful in producing our weekly recordings and a massive thank you to our fabulous volunteers working from their own homes, taking various stories from the EDP and the Mercury newspapers plus extra interesting and relevant item they came across during the week.

It is now available via the most popular smart speakers, the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices. Just say "play podcast grapevine talking newspaper" to your smart speaker after you said the usual wake word, for example, alexa, play podcast grapevine talking newspaper. You should hear the latest episode immediately, but you can listen to a previous edition by saying "Previous Episode"

So enjoy our weekly USB memory stick, or just click the play button below and listen to the audio in your browser, or via your smart speaker.

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